We work with a small number of select technology and service partners to deliver added-value to our clients. Each of our partners brings specific, complementary solutions to our offering, whilst sharing our core principles of delivering real value and business benefit. Our use of partners is always transparent; we value their input and are proud of our association with them - rest-assured that we will never simply re-sell or add margin to resource pulled from a database of ‘associate’ consultants.

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As the world’s leading provider of business assurance analytics, ACL delivers a powerful platform for both ad-hoc and continuous analysis of data to identify anomalies. Widely adopted as an internal audit tool across all business sectors, we’ve used ACL ourselves to develop and deliver tools for revenue assurance, transaction integrity and fraud identification over the past 3 years. Our experience of ACL’s products enable us to customise them to any environment, helping to optimise their effectiveness and maximise results.
AssuringBusiness Logo AssuringBusinessWe’ve a long association with some of the key individuals involved in this new venture in Asia that includes former colleagues and clients. Their presence on-the-ground helps us to reach out to new potential customers in the region to add to those we’ve worked with over the past 15 years. AB’s skillsets can also complement our own in key areas, enabling us to better meet our clients’ needs.