Telecommunications revenue assurance

Every company must work to realise its revenues; taking them for granted will lead to unacceptable levels of leakage. Working to ensure that revenues are accurately measured, billed and collected with optimum efficiency and at minimum cost is the essence of Revenue Assurance; leveraging maximum benefit from current and future business activities.

FML provides expertise in helping organisations to understand their exposure to revenue leakage, whether accidental or deliberate, and to implement appropriate controls  to help manage the problem in the most effective way.

We can provide support through a range of services and solutions including:

  • Revenue assurance review
  • Revenue assurance strategy review and development
  • Revenue assurance process design and implementation
    • Revenue stream analysis
    • Control matrix design
  • Revenue assurance analysis services
    • Platform reconciliation
    • Revenue stream reconciliation
    • Debtor analysis
  • RA team development, training and coaching
  • RA system requirements capture, system selection support and implementation advice
  • Specialist RA tools for platform and event reconciliation

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