Feedback from our clients is normally reward enough for our team; we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our customers, whether providing support through and to different projects, or simply being at the end of the phone to offer advice and guidance on best practice when required.

We don't actively pursue external recognition, but have been fortunate enough to see several of our projects achieve awards for our clients:

Financial Services Technology Awards - Best Anti-Fraud Strategy

FML implemented two technical systems based on OLAP technology for a major credit card provider. "Fraud Weather Map" provided an overview of fraud trends across the card product portfolio, constantly updated from diverse data sources throughout the business. The solution empowered fraud management staff to make informed strategic and tactical decisions to manage loss proactively. "Intercept In4mer" tracked loss and theft of cards in the mail system and the associated losses. The resulting virtual 'map' of delivery risk by area enabled secure delivery methods to be selected, updated and applied as required, enabling delivery budget to be optimised and risks controlled effectively.

ACL Impact Award for Performance Excellence - Grand Prize

FML has a long history of working with UPC Ireland, a convergent provider of Internet, communications and pay TV (CATV) services services to business and residential customers. Utilising the industry standard Audit Analytics platform from our partners ACL, FML developed and deployed a number of specialist revenue assurance tools that have helped UPC achieve a rapid and significant return on their investment. Receiving the ACL Impact Award on behalf of the company, Glen Winn, Manager of Revenue Assurance, Fraud and Risk for UPC Ireland said: ā€œIā€™m very happy that our team has been recognized for our outstanding results using ACL technology. These applications are critical and have demonstrated that it is possible to develop very cost-effective revenue assurance solution using ACL as the underlying platform.ā€